Welcome To EarthSearch

We are a USA based technology solutions provider founded in 2003. Our core business solution includes personal and small business GPS solutions as well as Advanced Logistics Applications using our proprietary wireless communication between GPS and RFID devices. Personal and Small Business GPS Solutions Live GPS tracking allows individuals and small businesses to monitor and locate their vehicles. Greater business efficiency, reduced cost of operation, and enhanced employee performance are some of the benefits a small business can gain with GPS solutions on their fleets. Track and trace capabilities, dispatching, routing features and electronic fences are some of the features and benefits small businesses or public service agencies such as police department can achieve when GPS tracking is implemented on the fleet. Advance Logistic Solutions Integration of GPS and RFID is the most advanced application for logistics operations. EarthSearch proprietary wireless communication between GPS and RFID and its suite of electronic locks offer the best in class application for advanced logistics and high value asset tracking. From Custom agencies to oil companies and pharmaceutical companies around the globe, we provide real time visibility for assets in transit as well as an added layer of security in cargo transportation. For more information visit our Products and Solutions pages or contact us at: businesssolutions@earthsearch.us or 1 (866) 503-9316