Electronic Seals offer Strong Solution for Wet Cargos and Oil Tankers

With gas prices at historically high levels, the need to track and monitor wet cargo is becoming a necessity. Simple internet search leads to articles about drivers or criminals syphoning of oil from the tankers, contraband oil and tax evasion, dilution of oil with other chemical and other similar crimes are on the rise. Employee-related crimes are now costing the United States trucking industry $2.1 billion a year, according to www.rfidsb.com. Customs and Revenue Authorities around the world are facing the same problem on a bigger scale. There are different types of electronic seals on the market today that address all of these issues. TrailerSeal and RFSeals from EarthSearch are removable and offer an integrated GPS & RFID e-lock system, which in turn offers solutions for wet cargo. Both devices offer a rechargeable battery. How It Works:
  • RFSeals are assigned to each tap on the oil tanker, preventing any unauthorized access.
  • LogiBoxx GPS devices communicate with each seal about the lock and unlock status.
  • Our GATIS software allows configuration of the RFSeal on each compartment for destination, content, and load.
  • Required fuel sensors with RFID can be installed on each compartment to measure content.
  • RFSeal will communicate the lock and unlock status of each compartment to the LogiBoxx.  LogiBoxx will then communicate with the GATIS software to validate location data with destination information for each cargo and compartment lock status.  Instant alerts and notifications are provided when anomalies are detected (i.e. if a compartment is opened at wrong destination, when amount of cargo is dispensed or route is violated).
  • Device will immediately alert in case of low battery, tampering, or vandalization.
  • TrailerSeal will perform similar function by acting both as the seal and the GPS unit.
Benefits of elock for Wet Cargo transportation:
  • Enables real-time information about any irregularities pre-configured in the software
  • Reduces theft
  • Reduces costly mistakes caused by human error
  • Increases efficiency and lowers the overall costs of the daily operation
  • Reduces pilferage by employees/drivers
TrailerSeal/RFSeal combined with reporting capabilities of GATIS software offer reliable solutions to challenges of wet cargo being transported via tankers. GATIS software is SAP certified and can communicate data generated by our elock system to SAP systems. We invite you to contact us at businesssolutions@earthsearch.us for further information, or visit our website http://earthsearch.us/oil-gas/