Holidays Are a Nightmare for Logistics

With the holiday season at its peak, logistics professionals are amongst the busiest people. We are witnessing that every year the amount of goods sold & delivered during this period is constantly growing; total retail sales are estimated at $602.1 billion during the last two months of the year which translates into millions of deliveries. From the logistic chain production facility – to the warehouse – to store and finally to the satisfied customer, there are several significant challenges:
  • Making sure the right goods are leaving the warehouse and going onto proper trucks
  • Being able to monitor in real-time that the optimum route is being followed
  • Preventing any unauthorized access to valuable cargo
EarthSearch can provide a solution to these challenges. Our unique wireless GPS and RFID technology in combination with our powerful GATIS software will provide continuous asset visibility in real-time all the time. Warehouse solution utilizes handheld readers with paper tags on goods. In GATIS a manifest is created, which is checked against real-time information on goods being loaded on the truck. In case of any discrepancy system it will trigger an alert to prevent costly errors. A combination of the LogiBoxx and RFID Reader on the truck will not only provide location of the vehicle, telemetry, and compliance with the given route, but sensor technology will also provide information on the status of the assets in the back of the truck. Finally, the TrailerSeal will make sure that goods are only accessed at the right location by the assigned person. Any access to the cargo outside geo-fenced zone, or deviation from the route will trigger an immediate alert to logistics manager. From the management perspective there is a constant increase in available information critical to make operation more efficient. GATIS will provide all analytics and reporting needed to stay on top of the game. Our system is also ©SAP certified, allowing it to deliver from small to enterprise sized companies, and anyone in between. EarthSearch International team whishes you happy holidays and successful 2014!   We invite you to contact us at for further information, or visit our website