What is Continuous Visibility?

Continuous Visibility is a phrase now commonly used for asset management solution. It can only be achieved by addition of different technology that offer either real time or near real time location services technology. This term can be used by different businesses with asset monitoring needs. Businesses in the service industry that need to monitor the performance of assets or employees in the field can use this phrase to monitor the completion status of jobs and location of assets in the field, such as vehicles, deliveries or drivers by implementing a fleet management solution which can include GPS, or Radio Frequency technology. A more advanced application of the term would be in the monitoring of movement of high value cargo. (Example: an oil tanker traveling with cargo on board. The implementation of electronic seal which would monitor the opening and locking of the tanker valve and transmit information in real time based on users configuration. This technology will provide continuous monitoring of delivery or dispensing of the content of the tanker with location information and monitor the delivery of the correct content to the correct location or provide instant notification in the event of theft or other anomalies. In some cases continuous visibility can be applied to the monitoring of fixed assets. GPS or other Sensor technologies can be implemented to provide continuous visibility of performance of equipment, such as high value devices in the field. These assets could be monitoring tampering. A good example would be an electronic grid, or power station. A GPS unit can be implemented to detect tampering, power outage, automatic switch shut off and to provide instant notification of these events. Recently, Many manufacturers of high risk cargo such as, pharmaceuticals and jewelry couriers started using covert asset monitoring devices, which would provide continuous visibility of the assets. The devices are embedded in the cargo and configured to generate alerts when there is deviation from route or cargo is stolen. These devices can provide both the ability to track and trace stolen cargo or generate alerts when there is deviation from defined routes. Finally, to achieve true visibility of fixed or mobile, it is sometimes necessary to consult with a security company or logistics specialist. Not all devices can provide the same level of visibility. Depending on cargo, asset monitored implementation may require a combination f GPS, RFID, Biometric and other sensor technologies. For more information how to achieve continuous visibility of your assets or cargo contact businesssolutions@earthsearch.us EarthSearch offers RFID solutions, Fleet Management Solutions, Warehouse automation, GPS devices, Electronic seals and Integrated Solution for advanced application of Continuous Visibility for assets under management.