Why Fleet Solution?

Fleet solutions can be designed with specific business objectives to solve operation and business problems by increasing employee performance, reducing costs, and in most cases improving delivery services of assets to clients. High gasoline costs and increasing number of vehicles make it imperative for business owners and fleet managers to effectively manage resources and reduce costs. EarthSearch innovative solutions revolve around GPS technology, which can be combined with RFID technology to provide continuous visibility of your assets under management. All fleet solutions are designed to communicate with a back end application such as the EarthSearch’s proprietary software GATIS (Global Assets Tracking and Information System). GATIS is a comprehensive web-based platform which provides: device management, system logic and scheduling, as well as reporting and analytics functionalities. Users are allowed to setup critical performance parameters in the system, such as exact travel route, Stops, idling etc. All of which are reported to GATIS from devices in the field. In cases when discrepancies or anomalies may occur, the system will trigger an alert allowing instant reaction from management to any problem. Analytics and reporting allow users to identify weak spots in a daily operation. There are several benefits to using the EarthSearch fleet solution Improve employee performance by:
  • Increasing number of service calls or jobs
  • Better routing leads which more jobs can be performed
  • Efficient Job Dispatching
  • Provide data for performance measuring
Improve Safety and Better Fleet Management
  • Ensuring safer driving to reduce risks by monitoring speed and harsh driving
  • Improving customer satisfaction with better dispatching tool
  • Improve fleet maintenance with automated maintenance monitoring tools
Reduce cost of operations by:
  • Monitoring idle time to save gas expense
  • Selecting better routes for more efficient gas mileage
  • Protecting against unauthorized use of fleet
  • Analyzing route traveled by the driver between jobs
  • Get discount on insurance cost
  Increase Revenue
  • By reducing driving time between jobs
  • Increasing number of jobs per driver
  For more information about how improve your fleet operation contact us at: businesssolutions@earthsearch.us