Why GPS for Personal, Small Business Fleet and Local Emergency Responders


Locate all vehicles in real time Real time monitoring and tracking allows small businesses and local authorities to observe their employees’ whereabouts more carefully and dispatch them faster. Identify which car is closest to a potential crime scene EarthSearch’s GATIS application allows users to see which emergency vehicles are nearest to a crime scene or a customer’s location. Ensure officers stay within assigned areas The Electronic Fence feature of GATIS allows managers to make sure patrol cars stay within their assigned areas. Fleet managers can also use it to designate specific job destinations and restricted zones. Create maintenance schedule for vehicles The fleet maintenance tool will be at your fingertips. Receive alerts via text Receive SMS Alerts for emergencies. You can also configure the alerts to notify you of specific occurrences like speeding, idle engines, sudden drops in fuel, temperature shifts of perishable goods, etc. Job dispatching system The Job Dispatching System is EASY TO USE. You can schedule a job in advance or on the spot, or observe the layout of an entire work schedule. You can also organize a job’s arrival & departure time, and set up alerts for when they occur. Engine disable feature and panic button When all else fails, disable a vehicle’s engine and stop auto theft right on the spot. You can also disable a car’s engine whenever an employee uses it for unauthorized purposes.   BENEFITS
  • Increase safety for police officers
  • Monitor employee performance more closely in small businesses
  • Reduce operational costs by cutting idle time and dispatching more effectively
  • Increase revenue by shortening the response time for emergencies and customer requests